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Flat cold rolled steel products, electrolytic galvanised, for cold forming.

These products consist of a steel substrate onto which a pure zinc coating is electroplated on one or both surfaces.

The zinc coating is intended to protect the steel from corrosion but, compared to the hot dipping process, electroplating allows for reduced zinc thickness, making the product more suitable for indoor applications or painting.

The highly  regular thickness of the coating and the uniform treated surface make an excellent substrate for paint.

Available formats
Strap hinges

Electro-galvanized products can be protected on the surface by chemical passivation, oiling or phosphating.

Aspetto superficiale

A: Small imperfections are possible such as small pockets, slight scratches and slight coloring, which do not affect the suitability for forming and adherence of the coatings subsequently applied

B: The better of the two surfaces must be free from imperfections that compromise a quality painting; the other face is at least of aspect A

Protezione superficiale

C: Chemical passivation, traditionally based on chromium; also available free of hexavalent chromium in compliance with the RoHS Directive; not recommended for products that need to be subsequently phosphated.

O: Oiling with oils that can be removed in the greasing phase without compromising the coating.

CO: Combination of oiling and chemical passivation to improve the protective effect against corrosion.

P: Phosphating, particularly suitable for applying a subsequent layer of paint.

PO: Combination of phosphating and oiling to improve formability.

PC: Combination of phosphating and chemical passivation to improve the protective effect against corrosion by keeping the material dry.

PCO: Combination of phosphating, chemical passivation and oiling to maximize the protective effect against corrosion.

U: Without any protection, under the responsibility of the customer.


The cutting and supply of steel strip from COILS is our “core business”. We process thicknesses from 0.30 to 6.00 mm

Steel strip cutting is Chiminello Srl’s “core business”.

The production process, which has been consolidated by years of experience and improved with ever-more technologically advanced equipment, distinguishes Chiminello Srl as a leading steel strip supplier in terms of quality and product assurance.

The winning feature of Chiminello Srl steel strip is the cutting precision.

Given that the lack of rigidity for dimensional tolerances contained in UNI-EN standards is often a cause of unforeseen events during subsequent customer machining, it is critical that Chiminello Srl supports customers in their actual production needs, supplying a product that goes beyond simple compliance with standards and contributes to the quality of the final product.


Thicknesses: 0.30 – 6.00 mm
Maximum supply diameter: 2000 mm
Minimum supply internal diameter: 500 mm
Maximum supply width: 1600 mm
Maximum packing weight: 30 tons


The maximum size of metal sheet supply is 2000 x 8000 with a maximum thickness of 6.0 mm (raw, pickled, galvanised or electrogalvanised)

With the recent introduction of a new “cut to length” system, Chiminello has significantly expanded its production capacity in terms of size, quality and productive power.

The manufacture of Chiminello steel sheets is distinguished by the remarkable versatility in terms of size; production is divided into:

Steel sheets standard sizes:

• 1000 x 2000mm

• 1250 x 2500mm

• 1500 x 3000 mm

• 2000 X 4000 mm 

Steel sheets special sizes

• Maximum width 2000 mm

• Maximum length 8000 mm

Thicknesses: 0,30 – 6,00 mm

Maximum packing weight: 30 tons

The Chiminello Srl warehouse keeps a stock of standard size material available and ready for collection at the customer’s request.

Upon specific customer request, sheets with a thickness of 8/10/12/15 mm can be supplied.

Strap hinges

Chiminello S.r.l. is able to supply steel strap hinges, sheet metal squares and various flat pieces with thicknesses ranging from 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm

The introduction of a new sheet metal levelling and cutting system allows Chiminello S.r.l. to meet the needs of the manual moulding market, light carpentry, small batch machining and non-automated processes.

Correct supply is guaranteed by precise control throughout all machining phases and  the product is packaged with special protective coatings against corrosion and rust.


  • Width: 50 – 800 mm
  • Length: 50 – 3000 mm
  • Thicknesses: 0.30 – 3.00 mm
  • Maximum package weight: 5000 kg

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