Research and development

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We continuously invest in researching new materials and work alongside our customers to improve processes and products.

Research into and in-depth knowledge of evolving technologies and materials is fundamental in the steel sheet sector.

For this reason, we dedicate ourselves every day to researching and updating our knowledge of our rapidly evolving sector. 

Staying up to date and exploring innovations in materials, technologies and machining techniques allows us to provide ever-more efficient and targeted solutions to the needs of our customers.

In this way, we raise the level of trust our customers place in us and maintain quality standards at the level that has always been demanded of our company.


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We offer logistics services and scheduled deliveries thanks to our own network of distribution vehicles, which ensures efficient and punctual delivery.

We are not content with being effective and fast in production alone. Quality means avoiding prolonged delivery times, minimising unexpected events and meeting the needs of each customer.

For customers who need it, we can arrange scheduled deliveries and help reduce inventory costs.

We also use a reliable vehicle fleet, which also includes our own vehicles, to minimise disruption.

Cut to length

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Our new automated system for longitudinal sheet and square cutting allows for production of semi-finished products up to 8000 mm in length with a maximum thickness of 6 mm.

We can cut products up to 2000 mm wide by 8000 mm long with 24/7 production capacity.

The introduction of a new sheet metal levelling and cutting system allows Chiminello Srl to meet the needs of the manual moulding market, light carpentry, small batch machining and non-automated processes.

Correct supply is guaranteed by precise control throughout all machining phases and the product is packaged to meet the specific customer requirements.


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Our Steel Strip Cutting lines allow for machining of thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 6.0 mm with a maximum width of 1600 mm

The hallmarks of Chiminello S.r.l. steel strip cutting are the cutting precision, which dimensionally goes well beyond the tolerances required by UNI EN standards, and the management of the post-cut material through a packaging system that preserves the material and guards against impact.

One of our key aims at Chiminello F.lli  is to provide a product that facilitates the customer in the material’s intended production phases in all its aspects including the mechanical, technical and dimensional characteristics, while aiming to maintain consistency between the different supplies.

Quality and control

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We only use Certified Raw Materials. Not only that, we also check the dimensions and characteristics of the steel at every machining stage.

Our experience has taught us that the quality of the raw material is crucial in the sheet metal sector and indeed the steel sector in general.

All materials entering Chiminello S.r.l. are properly checked and certified. Nonetheless, before cutting and delivery they also pass our internal quality control to provide a further level of assurance.

As with the coils, our processes are also monitored and controlled to ensure the integrity of the production chain.


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Our large warehouses are always stocked with raw materials ready for cutting and machining into strip, sheets, sections and squares.

This means having  materials always on hand to meet the demands of our customers as soon as we receive them, thereby avoiding sourcing and streamlining production times.

We know how dynamic and demanding the sheet metal market is, and we also know that time is often the most important resource for our customers.

Our work organisation and vast stock are fundamental tools in ensuring rapid and responsive processing and delivery.


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